Suzuki GS 150 2015

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The rider will enjoy a memorable driving experience owing to the strong and sturdy structure of the bike. The powerful and energetic 150 CC engine had already been introduced by this company in the predecessor versions,
Published Date : 1/19/2015
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Suzuki GS 150 2015 Review

Suzuki GS 150 2015

Being a highly accomplished version, the outlook of Suzuki GS 150 2015 motorcycle is unique, sporty and attractive. The rider will enjoy a memorable driving experience owing to the strong and sturdy structure of the bike. The powerful and energetic 150 CC engine had already been introduced by this company in the predecessor versions, but it is still considered to be very durable and compatible for all the traveling needs. The off road driving capacity is an extra plus point for the long awaited two-wheeler vehicle. Another distinguishing characteristic is the electric kick starter option, which adds to the convenience of the driver. Fuel economy, comparatively low price, and unparalleled power & performance make it one of the most sought after bikes for the enthusiastic youth.

Air Cooled 4-Stroke Engine:

With the innovative air cooling mechanism, the overall efficiency of the 4-stroke engine is significantly enhanced and the bike becomes capable of running on versatile terrain conditions. Moreover, such an addition also adds to the lifespan of the engine, making the vehicle your lifelong companion. The electric kick starter not only reduces physical effort, on the part of the rider, but also saves your precious time in the busy schedule of routine life.

Extra Large Fuel Capacity:

One of the major issues to be faced on the long journeys is that of the low capacity of the fuel tank to accommodate oil. The same problem stands resolved in the New Model where you can fill the tank with up to 12 liters and go on travelling hundreds of kilometers without the troubling thought of going to a filling station.

Suzuki GS 150 2015

Fuel Economy:

It is quite surprising to note that on this 150 cc extra powerful vehicle with higher energy demands, you can cover the distance of up to 60 kilometers with just one liter of fuel! This is what you call the high fuel efficiency of an automobile. Furthermore, with the little burning of petrol in the engine, little smoke is produced, hence making the vehicle environment friendly.

5-Speed Transmission:

There is a piece of very good news for those who have used any of the old versions of this Suzuki brand that the latest model in 2015 is featured with the 5 speed transmission system. Combined with the high engine power, the varying levels of speed give you a unique and pleasing experience of driving where you can shift to the lower or higher gears as needed.

Some Other Fascinations:

  • The prominent and clearly visible speed meter provides ease to the rider for visualizing the speed of motorbike at any particular moment.
  • The stylish look of motorcycle becomes further attractive and appealing with the bright and shiny color choices, i.e. black and red.
  • Its heavy and powerful engine has no competitors in automobile market so far.
  • The competitive price gives it an edge over the motorbikes of the other manufacturing companies.
Suzuki GS 150 2015

Price Factor:

Slightly over 0.1 million Pak rupees, the Suzuki GS 150 price in Pakistan is quite reasonable as it is far less than the actual worth of your dream motorcycle. It is a thing of common experience that if you buy a cheap and inefficient product, you must be prepared to spend money on it again and again in the future. But a bit costlier and highly modernized version will prove to be a comparatively inexpensive means of personal transportation as it will need no major expenditures throughout your life.

Safety and Comfort:

The latest telescopic front suspension system of the motorbike and drum brakes enable you have the maximum grip over the vehicle leading to the admirable safety over the dangerous road conditions. The stylish and comfortable seat design along with a grip bar on the back gives you a sound sense of luxury and pleasure.

Bottom Line:

The latest technological marvel in the form of Suzuki GS 150 comes with a number of innovations and enhancements, such as 5 speed transmission system, electric kick starter, fuel economy and super engine power. Though the price may seem to be unaffordable for the lower middle class bikers, it is definitely an “all in one” solution for all of your personal transportation needs. Those who have the ability to purchase it, and do so, will never regret their decision.


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