Bread Roll With Vegetables & Chicken Filling Recipe

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because it is too much tasty and delicious...
Published Date : 12/19/2014
By :PK Mart


because it is too much tasty and delicious

Ingredients :

Bread of big slIce
Carrots 3 well choped 
1cabage cut in small sizes 
Peas bOiled 
Chicken bOiled 
2Capsicum cut in small size 
Black peper 1 tbs spoon 
Soya sauce 3 tb spoon 
Chilli sauce2 tb spoon 
Vinegar2 tb spoon 
Chinese Salt half tb spoon 
Oil 3 tb spoon 
2 eggs

Bread Roll With Vegetables & Chicken Filling Method / Tarika:

• Pehly frying pan mai oil lyn phir us mai carrots dalen or phir capsicum dalen aur cabage b fry kren or cover kr dyn phir 5 mint tk jb sb vegetables soft ho jayen to is mai black peper dalen phir soya sauce or chilli sauce aur vinegar dalen or mix kren phir chinese salt dalen or hilayen phir achi trhan sb ingredients mix kren or cover kr dyn jb tk sb kch theek se gal na jaye r vegetables ka pani dry na ho jaye phir jb mixture tiar ho jaye to boiled peas and chicken dalyen r mix kr k thanda hony k liye rkh dyn. 
• Phir bread k corners cut kren r sb corners ko grind kren jo frying mai use hon gy phir thandy mixture ko bread filling mai use kren. 
• Bread k slices ko pani mai 1 second k liye dip kren r phir hath pe rkh kr press kren ta k pani nikal jaye r slice beth jaye phir us mai mixture fill kr k zda ni thora ta k slice toot na jaye phir slice ko bnd kren dono corners ko pani k sath soft kr k center se b. 
• Phir 2 eggs ko phaint kr roll ko pehly dip kren breads k grind hue mixture mai theek se. 
• Phir aik fryinh pan mai oil ko grm kren hlki aanch pr r roll ko garm garm oil mai deep fry kren. Or fry hony k bd chili sauce k sath serve kren.



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