Chef Zubaida Aapa

Chef Zubaida Tariq


Expert Name Chef Zubaida Tariq
Address Pakistan
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Mrs. Zubaida Tariq well known as Zubaida Aapa is counted in one of the most popular figures of Pakistan. A small introduction cannot fully express her achievements and journey towards this stardom. She got married to her cousin at the age of 21 and knew nothing about cooking. Yes! This is shocking but true that the “Cooking Expert” Zubaida Tariq had no experience in cooking even at the age of 21 but her interest slowly developed and she realized that people love the food she makes. From then onwards she started to love cooking and at the age of 50 she was offered a job by Lever Brothers to work in the “Dalda Advisory Service”.
Published Date : 12/19/2014
Posted by :PK Mart

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